After Sales Service

The best delivery, installation and after-sales service

Our installers work directly for SydneySide. They have many years of experience in installing our furniture in both home and corporate environments and work the utmost care and professionalism.

Once the unit is installed, we can organise to have your furniture serviced quickly and easily. We can even remove single panels, door or drawer fronts for repair, should they be damaged, without having to disassemble the whole unit.

Furniture Rejuvenation

What happens as trends change, your tastes change, your furniture becomes mismatched or your kids have finally stopped drawing on your table?

SydneySide have the answer. We can easily respray your unit with a new colour or refresh its finish to its former glory. The same design features that allow us to remove sections for repair also allow us access for easy re-spraying with absolute minimal disruption to you.

For smaller touch ups, a general purpose touch up kit is also available through our showrooms which is recommended for most minor blemishes on polyurethane surfaces.

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