How To Buy SydneySide Products

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How to buy SydneySide products?
SydneySide operates differently to other furniture retailers.  We don’t carry stock!  As we manufacture each item locally in our own factory we are able to offer you choices that others can’t.

Custom made – without the one off price!
SydneySide has developed a “supply on demand” furniture system.  Our manufacturing is computer controlled, taking our existing designs and modifying them to your needs.  That means we have the confidence that every time we make an entertainment unit, we know it is going to work.  This way our furniture costs the same as if you purchased a stocked item.

Over 500 designs
With this system it is very easy for us to add designs to our range.  We now have over 500 designs for entertainment units from small 1 meter entertainment units and shelves, to monster 6 meter wall installation and we are adding to these designs all the time.  Still cannot find the right entertainment unit in our range? We will work with you from scratch to design your perfect entertainment unit.

Any colour
To go with our massive range we can make your entertainment unit in any colour or any finish!  We already have a large range of standard polyurethane colours in flat, satin and high-gloss, complemented by a large range of laminates and veneers.  However, if you have something truly special in mind, we are always happy to order it in.

Too much choice?
Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing?  It is daunting where to start and hard to work out what will be right for you.  That is where we come in.  With years of experience in designing entertainment units for our customers, our designers will be able to guide you through the process.  Just bring in:

  • The length of your wall, or a photo, or the plans of your living room.
  • An idea of the equipment it has to hold.
  • We will do the rest.

We can even show you a 3d image of what your entertainment unit will look like in your home so you can be confident in making the right choice.

Come and talk to one of our designers about your perfect entertainment unit today.



SydneySide vs Cabinetmaker

Stewart Rimessydneyside


Why it is better to purchase through SydneySide

SydneySide’s biggest competition is not other retailers but cabinetmakers. However, there are pitfalls that go along with purchasing from a cabinetmaker that people often do not realise.  Once the cabinetmaker has installed the unit in your home these are the typical things that people find fault with:

Polyurethane finish
SydneySide does some of the best polyurethane in Sydney – possibly Australia, just about no one else can paint large flat cabinet tops like we do.  Particularly in dark gloss colours.  The polyurethane SydneySide purchases is the best quality available,  We never cut corners or use inferior materials.

Flap stays won’t work
SydneySide spent a long time sourcing the right flap stays for entertainment units.  Without the ones we use, the small doors will be stiff and large doors will open too quickly.  They will also not support much weight and over time they may fail..

The top will sag
Tv’s can be really heavy, without the patented aluminium rails we developed to support the top, it will begin to sag over time.

SydneySide takes into account the ventilation requirements of the equipment to be stored in the cabinet.  SydneySide entertainment units have built in features to help reduce heat build up.  This includes the ventilation slots in the bottom of the cabinet that cannot be produced without a CNC machine, the recessed backs and the large ventilation and cable cutouts.

The cabinet won’t sit level
SydneySide’s cabinet legs have been designed with extra adjustment to ensure the cabinet always sits level.  Without the right legs the doors may not sit straight and level with each other and the cabinet will be twisted.

However, these are not the only reasons for to purchase from SydneySide over a cabinetmaker.

Patent on our custom developed hardware
SydneySide’s hardware has been custom design by us for use in entertainment units.  It is patent protected and so is not available anywhere else.  This includes products our shadowline and aluminium rail, used to provide extra strength not only to the unit as a whole but also to the top of the unit, preventing sagging when a heavy TV is placed on it.  Our DVD and CD racks have been specially developed for our units and are only available from us.

Our units are on display in a showroom
As we have showrooms, unlike many cabinet makers, you are able to see what you are going to get before investing in having someone build it.  This helps reduce communication errors as we have the display product to show you when placing an order.  This helps both you and the designer visualise the end result.

Production drawing for each unit are checked and rechecked
Unlike a small cabinet maker who probably does not have the time, SydneySide produces a detailed production drawing of each and every item we are manufacturing.  We will include details like the size of the components and television, as well as the location of plugs and sockets if provided.  This allows you to see what you are getting and ensure it will fit all your equipment.

It also allows SydneySide to check and recheck the details with you.  By taking the time to do this we can ensure that there are no miscommunication about what you wants and what we are manufacturing.

Experience in designing entertainment units – we know what questions to ask
We have been producing entertainment units for years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.  We know, for example, to take into account not only the size of your components but also the clearance required.  We know how important good access at the back of the unit is.  We build in ventilation and cable management and we design the units to be durable and repairable.

SydneySide also know we can get it right the first time.  A cabinetmaker will need to take into account wastage for errors and mistakes.  This can blow out the cost of the unit or can force the cabinetmaker to cut corners to keep the cost down.

SydneySide only uses the best.
We only use the best quality board, hardware, and finishes.  We know that by using inferior products a cabinetmaker can beat us on price.  However, SydneySide will not compromise the quality of their units.  We use the best polyurethane from the best supplier.  Our painting process requires 6-9 coats of paint with fine sanding between each coat to ensure we have obtained the best finish. The hardware we buy has been sourced to be strong, long lasting and durable, like our high quality European kitchen drawer runners.

What if something goes wrong? – Lifetime warranty
If anything does go wrong with an entertainment unit SydneySide will always be there to repair, fix or replace the unit.  A smaller cabinetmaker will have already moved on to new jobs and may be reluctant to come back for repairs.  At SydneySide we take pride in our cabinets and have a large manufacturing and labour base so that we can always service our cabinets.  That is why our units come with a lifetime guarantee.

SydneySide have even designed our cabinets so that individual pieces, such as the sides drawer fronts or tops, can be removed without having to take the whole cabinet apart.  This means that if a part of the unit is damaged we can just replace that section, saving you, time, hassle and money.

After sales service
Once the you have paid your deposit we still stay in close contact with you client right through the whole process.  From getting your approval on the design to the delivery, installation and beyond.  We are always available to answer any questions you may have.