Colour and Finish

Style that goes the distance

SydneySide is a family company and thus we really value the importance of your family’s well being and safety in the home. Below is just a few of the elements we have incorporated into our products for your piece of mind.

The best paint for furniture is polyurethane. Our paints come from the Australian leaders in polyurethane coatings and are renowned for their resilience and unsurpassed colour match ability. In fact, we are confident enough in our finishing methods and paint superiority to say that the quality and hardness of the finish on our furniture easily exceeds that of much of the imported European furniture available.

It is the personal touch and attention that makes the difference with SydneySide as unlike the majority of our imported counterparts, our furniture is sprayed by hand and not by machines.

Our painting process is very demanding but we refuse to cut any corners when it comes to quality.

In our controlled painting environment, the paint is designed to dry as a hard resin. We build the colour up using several layers, periodically working in a very fine sanding technique between the layers of paint to insure a mirror like finish is achieved.

If any imperfections are found, the whole process is repeated.

Once our team of expert spray painters have finished their magic, our painted surfaces become extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and cracking.

The paint we use has been specially designed for use in demanding environments such as kitchens and laundries also making it resistant to heat, chemicals, humidity and moisture.

Such resilient finishes makes cleaning your completed furniture a breeze. You also have added security of the welfare of your family and pets as the paint SydneySide use is guaranteed to be safe to use in medical applications and food preparation areas.

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