Your Fit

A Perfect Fit with SydneySide.

At SydneySide we are aware that inner city and high rise apartment living can sometimes spell trouble when moving new furniture in or out. That is why our smart furniture designs feature a unique modular assembling system. This clever structuring allows our cabinets can be broken down into smaller segments for easy installation and means that your choice of furniture is no longer compromised by cramped doorways, stairs, elevator space or poor access points in your home.

SydneySide can also modify the design of your entertainment unit to contain sub-woofers, oversized amplifiers, records players and just about any other equipment you want to house in it, Once we know what Hi-Fi equipment the unit is to store, we will be able to ensure if the clearance, access, ventilation and cabling is right for you and your home.

We look forward to sharing your vision and creating an answer to your media demands.

To organise an in store meeting or request further information about our products and services click here to contact a team member.

Your Design

Do you have something in mind that you just cannot find anywhere?

SydneySide can help you create your unit, your way. Simply send us your design ideas or come in and meet our team personally. We can talk you through the whole process and provide you with an obligation free quote.

Remember, because SydneySide produce all of our own units, we have a wonderful team of designers and cabinetmakers at your disposal. Talk to us about what YOU want.

If you are still having a hard time deciding on the exact colours or accessories to choose, you can rest easy with SydneySide. We are specialists in re-spraying and remodelling which means that we can easily help you change the colour or features on your media unit in the years ahead. We design our furniture so that panels and sections can be removed, replaced or repainted without fuss, ensuring your style can grow and change as you do.

To organise an in store meeting or request further information about our products and services click here to contact a team member.

Your Style

The Finishing Touches to Your SydneySide piece.

Whether it is a chic, classic style or the latest look in vogue that inspires you; at SydneySide you are only limited by your imagination. Once you have designed your custom furniture, personalise it even more by dressing it in our exciting range of rich, durable polyurethane colours, exotic timber veneers or melamine laminates. Next, select a finish that reflects your personal style and vision, from tactile textures to smooth high gloss and velvety satins.

SydneySide’s team of highly skilled spray painters have the understanding and know how to produce the best quality finished surfaces which are not only beautiful to look at but will more importantly will stand the test of time especially in Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

The paint we use is Australian made and is safe to use in medical applications, commercial kitchens and food preparation. It is so safe that once it is cured, you could actually eat it!

Cleaning is easy; just use a spray glass cleaner and a micro-fibre glass polishing cloth to remove small marks and finger prints.
For more about our high quality colours, paints and finishes, please take a look at the ‘Colour and Finish’ information in our ‘Production’ section or click here.

Or click here to see our range of colours and finishes.

Colour Matching

Do you have an existing colour scheme or a feature piece in your home that you would like to accentuate? SydneySide are specialists in colour matching to objects from your home. Simply bring in a sample of the colour you are looking for and let us do the rest.

Colour Rejuvenation

SydneySide also specialise in colour rejuvenation of our furniture pieces. So whichever colour styles you choose now, you can rest assured that we can easily renew or refresh in years to come. This is just another way that SydneySide can keep you organised and on trend years after you have purchased your furniture.

Looking for something really unusual? Speak to our designers to realise your concept.