Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the furniture made?

As the name suggests, SydneySide Furniture’s units are meticulously manufactured in Sydney, Australia. We produce all of our SydneySide branded furniture in our purpose built factory in Marrickville. Non-SydneySide stock is supplied from other local suppliers.

How long before my furniture is ready?

SydneySide media cabinets are manufactured on a made to order basis. Each design is individual and each component of our furniture is handmade. Your furniture is usually readied for delivery after a 6 week fabrication process from the day the design has been approved.

What are the cabinets made from?

The main material that all SydneySide custom cabinets are manufactured from is High Moisture Resistant (HMR) timber sheets of an E0 or E1 certification. For more information about the rest of our materials please see our Production section.

I would like to order a larger model cabinet but I live in a high rise apartment with tight entry points, will this be a problem?

Our furniture system features a unique modular assembling system. Because our cabinets can be broken down into these smaller segments, your choice of furniture is no longer compromised by cramped doorways, stairs, elevator space or poor access points at your residence.

What can be done if the exterior of the cabinet is damaged?

Most of our custom entertainment units carry a unique feature which enables the easy removal of the cabinet’s external skins. This means that the necessary maintenance can be carried out on the affected surface without the need to remove the completed furniture piece from your home and therefore minimising the disruption to your décor, audio visual installation and personal time.
A general purpose touch up kit is also available through our showroom which is recommended for most minor blemishes on polyurethane surfaces.

Is it possible to change the colour of my cabinet in the future?

The unique feature which enables maintenance to be carried out on a single affected panel also provides the option of having your exterior finish renewed or refreshed in a completely different colour.
Come in and speak to one of our Design Consultants to find out more about rejuvenating your SydneySide furniture piece.

There doesn’t seem to be a model that suits my exact needs. Can you personalise a design to meet my requirements?

It would be our pleasure to help you create the perfect piece of SydneySide furniture for your needs. Please see the Design section of this website for further details.

What kind of a warranty is offered with the furniture?

All SydneySide made to order furniture carries a lifetime warranty which protects you from any unlikely manufacturing or craftsmanship defects for the life of the product.

For more information see our Warranty section.