Safety and Wellbeing

with SydneySide

SydneySide is a family company and thus we really value the importance of your family’s well being and safety in the home. Below is just a few of the elements we have incorporated into our products for your piece of mind.

Our Board

Because we make all of our furniture in Australia, all of our board is certified to strict Australian standards as safe and low in chemical emissions. Imported furniture is rarely made from this kind of board and can contain up to 4 times the amount of formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is a binder used in manufacturing the board itself and has been known to cause irritations and damage to health. SydneySide uses high quality HMR (High Moisture Resistant) board certified E1 and E0 (low emission) you can be safe in its strength, having the advantage of locking in more of the formaldehyde so it is not released into your home environment.

Our Paint

The paint we use is Australian made and is safe to use in medical applications, commercial kitchens and food preparation. It is so safe that once it is cured, you could actually eat it!

Our Glass

SydneySide Furniture uses ‘Tempered glass’ in all of our units. Tempered glass is 8 times stronger than normal glass and will not shatter when broken. Instead, tempered glass will crumble into small pieces to protect you from any threat of injury.